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Washington Post: The Winners and Losers of a Strong Dollar

By Jonnelle Marte If the dollar continues to appreciate, this would spell good news for exporters and U.S. consumers as companies at home battle it out over the American consumer. Read More

NYT: Who Will Rule the Oil Market?

By DANIEL YERGIN A look at how, quietly and unconventionally, the U.S. has taken on the role swing-producer as Saudi Arabia and other OPEC members have given up production cuts in Read More

WSJ: Déjà Vu: Mounting Worries Hit Stocks

By E.S. BROWNING Investors are starting the year as they did in 2014: pushing U.S. stocks lower in a season when stocks usually rise. They are optimistic for the longer Read More

NYTimes: Trying to Solve the Great Wage Slowdown

By DAVID LEONHARDT An international commission, describing income stagnation as a defining challenge, offers proposals meant to influence the political debate. The U.S. has fallen behind other developed countries in Read More

NYT: Target-Date Funds Can Pose Complexities

By TIM GRAY This article discusses the merits of target-date funds as they have become increasingly popular with investors. Focusing on the negative aspects of the funds, the article states Read More

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