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WSJ: Balance of Power Shifts in Groceries

Smaller companies may be eating into demand for larger larger brands like Kraft and Kellogg. As consumer tastes shift to natural and organic foods, companies like Amy’s and Kind LLC Read More

WSJ: Oil Companies Reap Large Gains After Cashing In Hedging Bets

By NICOLE FRIEDMAN And ERIN AILWORTH Some oil companies are beginning to reap gains by closing out their hedges early at the behest of their lenders. The one-time cash windfall should Read More

WSJ: Low Inflation Argues for Fed Patience

By GREG IP The U.S. economy will be better-positioned for the next recession if interest rates are higher when the downturn starts. Paradoxically, the best way to achieve that may Read More

Washington Post: As the U.S. economy adds jobs, more workers holding on to their cash

By Chico Harlan and Jim Tankersley The United States is adding jobs at its best pace in two decades, new government data showed Friday, with a 12-month hiring spree that Read More

WSJ: ECB Raises Economic Forecasts for Eurozone Ahead of Stimulus Program

By BRIAN BLACKSTONE The European Central Bank raised its economic forecasts for this year and next in a sign of confidence that Europe—one of the global economy’s trouble spots in Read More

WSJ: Nasdaq Math: 5000 Doesn’t Equal 2000

By DAN GALLAGHER The Nasdaq has again touched 5000. But don’t wait for that popping sound. Read the rest of the article here…

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