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Karen Firestone, BSAS Judge

Kari recently judged the CFA Institute Research Challenge sponsored by BSAS, a competition in which undergraduate students pitch a publicly-traded stock to a panel of judges.

The Motley Fool: Why Does Pessimism Sound So Smart?

By Morgan Housel The Motley Fool’s Morgan Housel breaks down why pessimism sounds smarter than optimism and how this manifests itself in the world of investing. Read the full article Read More

Forbes: “Costcoholics”

By Robin Lewis , CONTRIBUTOR Costco represents the “experiential” retail experience consumers crave, the same “high” that many get from online shopping. Costco and TJ Maxx let you get out Read More

CNBC: Schlumberger Best in Breed

Karen Firestone joined CNBC’s The Halftime Report to talk about a new investment opportunity in the beaten-down energy sector. Watch the full video on

Schlumberger best in breed: Aureus

This video and description was originally posted by CNBC. Watch the video on Discussing her firm’s bet on Schlumberger is Karen Firestone, Aureus Asset Management President, CEO and co-founder.

Buying Opportunity in Energy: Expert

This video and description was originally posted by CNBC. Watch the video on Energy may currently be one of the most battered and beaten down sectors, but that’s not Read More

Boston Globe: Harvard Business Review successfully adapts to the digital age

By Jon Chesto GLOBE STAFF FEBRUARY 12, 2016 Karen Firestone was quoted in the Boston Globe, speaking about the community-like following of HBR online. Read the full article in The Read More

NYT: Conflicting Economic Indicators Challenge Fed’s Policy Makers

By BINYAMIN APPELBAUM FEB. 5, 2016 After a mixed jobs report last Friday, the Fed will be met with a dilemma in March. Though job market indicators continue to trend Read More

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