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NYT: Starwood Bidder Is a Reclusive Chinese Insurer With Opaque Backing

By MICHAEL FORSYTHE MARCH 29, 2016 Everyone is fixated on how reclusive Wu Xiaohui is and not whether he is paying too much for this acquisition.  When Japanese investors bought Read More

WSJ: Healthy Job Market at Odds With Global Gloom

By GREG IP Updated March 30, 2016 11:14 p.m. ET The big dilemma is: why do jobs keep growing but not the economy? It could be that the jobs being Read More

HBR: Why That Risky Career Move Could Be a Safer Bet than You Think

By Karen Firestone MARCH 11, 2016 Karen’s latest piece featured in the Harvard Business Review discusses the impossibility of avoiding risk altogether. Read the full article on

NYT: It’s Discounted, but Is It a Deal? How List Prices Lost Their Meaning

By DAVID STREITFELDMARCH 6, 2016 We’re moving toward a world with changing prices for everything. What are the implications? Read the full article in the New York Times

National Employees Day

March 4 is National Employees Day – get to know a few Aureus employees through the pictures below:  

WSJ: Mutual Funds Sour on Startup Investments

By ROLFE WINKLER and SCOTT AUSTIN March 3, 2016 5:24 p.m. ET Although the market for private investments (like Uber, SnapChat, and Evernote) skyrocketed in 2015, many mutual funds are Read More

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