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Podcast: Kari Firestone on The Bloomberg Advantage

Karen Firestone joined Carol Massar and Cory Johnson on “The Bloomberg Advantage” podcast to talk about how a Clinton Presidency may influence markets. Check out The Bloomberg Advantage podcast here or Read More

WSJ: U.S. Data Point to Stronger Economy

By Ben Leubsdorf This is the type of news the economy and the market needs.  Hopefully geopolitical risks won’t derail the recovery. Read the full article in The Wall Street Read More

WBZ News Radio With Jon Keller

Kari was recently on Keller @ Large to talk about her new book, “Even The Odds: Sensible Risk-Taking In Business, Investing, And Life”. In the article she highlights risks regarding Read More

NYTimes: What the Seesaw Jobs Numbers Are Really Telling Us

By Neil Irwin JULY 8th, 2016 Signs that the US economy is back on track and may exit the year growing at a 3% rate. Read the full article in Read More

The New Yorker: Why The Remain Campaign Lost the Brexit Vote

By John Cassidy JUNE 24th, 2016 This article gives an overview of why the Leave campaign was more successful than the Remain campaign in the recent Brexit vote. Read the Read More

AAII: A Manager’s Insights on Risk and Investing

Charles Rotblut, CFA recently interviewed Kari for an article featured in The American Association of Individual Investors to offer insight on risk in investing. Follow the link here to read Read More

Podcast: How to Be Smarter About Risk

Kari was recently interviewed on the podcast “How Do We Fix It” to talk about how to be smarter in the risks you take in your life. Listen to her Read More

WSJ: Investors Look to Earnings, Oil for Gains in U.S. Stocks

By CORRIE DRIEBUSCH Investors need a new catalyst to feel confident in the market going higher. Read the full story in The Wall Street Journal

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