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Some Good News for Investors: The Bull May Still Have Spring in Its Step

By JEFF SOMMER AUG. 26, 2016 The bull market in stocks has been supported by two fundamental pillars: high corporate earnings and low interest rates. Both of these mainstays appeared Read More

CNBC: Kari Firestone Joins Squawk Box

Kari Firestone joined Squawk Box on Friday to discuss three stocks she would be buying in the current market environment. Watch her video below or check it out on

Richer Life Lab Podcast featuring Kari Firestone

Kari joined the Richer Life Lab podcast to talk about her book “Even the Odds” with Laura D. Adams. Laura and Kate explore with Karen how to assess risk around money, Read More

CNBC Halftime Report with Karen Firestone

Kari joined The Halftime Report for the entire hour to talk about Facebook and Amazon in the wake of their earnings reports last week. Click on the links below to Read More

NYT: Why Is the Stock Market So High? Ask the Bond Market

By JEFF SOMMER JULY 30, 2016 This seems so obvious but the experts keep marveling that the market has continued to go higher.  Other than a mattress, it’s not easy Read More

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