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Economist: GE’s flow of financial information has become fantastically muddled

The many problems with GE’s financial reporting has made it difficult for both managers and investors of GE alike to assess the health of the conglomerate. At Aureus, we feel it’s important Read More

NYTimes: Why Is Pay Lagging? Maybe Too Many Mergers in the Heartland

Why can’t wages climb?  Because huge companies buy out competitors and then cap salaries to insure that profitability rises, justifying the purchase price.  True in everyone in every industry, including Read More

CNBC: The pervasive lack of ‘cynicism’ is a troubling sign for the market

Kari offers her recent views on the market in an article she published for CNBC. She highlights the importance of cynicism in a rising market to protect clients from permanent Read More

NYTimes: HuffPost, Breaking From Its Roots, Ends Unpaid Contributions

If the HuffPost is dropping their non-paid contributors, costs go way up, signaling the inevitable end of free access to websites like this.  They must believe that readers will pay Read More

WSJ: BlackRock CEO to Companies: Pay Attention To ‘Societal Impact’

While ESG funds are being raised at a rapid pace, they represent a very small percentage of stocks and therefore their influence on management teams is questionable. However, BlackRock is Read More

The Economist: Investment banks’ cull of company analysts brings dangers

This article from The Economist lays out the reasons for and potential fall-out from MiFID2. If the new regulation ultimately results in fewer sell-side analysts covering stocks, it should increase Read More

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