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The Economist: Steven Pinker’s case for optimism

Steven Pinker’s latest book, “Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress,” posits that the prevalence (and allure) of negative news undermines the amazing progress humanity is making. Read More


Kari offers her thoughts on the #metoo movement from the perspective of a small business owner. In light of the fact that many small businesses operate without an official HR Read More

WSJ: New Worry for CEOs: Rising Costs From Metals to Meat

We are finally seeing articles about how higher costs for labor, commodities, and raw materials are affecting companies.  It’s likely that earnings expectations were just too rosy and the market Read More

NYT: One Cause of Market Turbulence: Computer-Driven Index Funds

When index funds comprise 40% of all trades, and they are only selling, with less traders active (not passive), there are fewer bids on the other side, forcing prices down Read More

Economist: Bets on low market volatility went spectacularly wrong

Here is an article from The Economist that details the dangers of structured products, such as Credit Suisse’s XIV which collapsed spectacularly last week. Banks like to sell these products Read More

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