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Aureus Attends Beacon Hill Garden Club

A few members of the Aureus team attended the third annual Garden Soiree to kick off their Hidden Gardens tour at King’s Chapel Garden. Read more about the Beacon Hill Read More

Squawk Box: Kari Firestone Guest Hosts

Kari guest hosted Squawk Box recently to break down Aureus’ outlook on the markets and the health of the U.S. economy. Watch the video on

NYT: Profits Are Soaring. The Stock Market Has Barely Noticed.

This article points out what we’ve observed, that U.S. corporations are experiencing very strong earnings and revenue growth but the stock market, which worries and predicts the future, is skeptical Read More

WSJ: Agree to Facebook’s Terms or Don’t Use It

If Facebook or Google test us – give us access to you or you can’t use our sites – what will happen and when will governments step in? Read the Read More

CNBC: Interactive Brokers, Mckesson, Constellation Brands, Cheniere…

Kari joins the Halftime traders as they give their top stocks to watch for the second half and discuss the most recent rally in Energy. Watch the first video on Read More

WSJ: Impatient Investors Get Caught in the ‘Return Gap’

This morning, the WSJ article had a piece similar to our most recent Investment Perspectives on market timing and the impact to investor returns. There is a lot of overlap Read More

The Economist: The average American is much better off now than four decades ago

Citing Census Bureau information, politicians and media pundits often claim that Americans are no better off than they were 30 years ago. However, as detailed in this Economist article, a Read More

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