CNBC Op-ed: The market comeback seems callous, but investors are betting on a bright post-crisis future

In a time of Covid-shaming, it’s difficult to publicly embrace a rising market that ignores increasing deaths, unfathomable unemployment, massive business failures, a possible 40% to 50% drop in economic Read More

CNBC: Investors will reward companies that take care of others in the coronavirus pandemic

Kari thinks that acts of charity, compassion, and creative generosity may resonate with investors increasingly drawn to socially responsible investing when the pandemic comes to an end. Read the full Read More

CNBC: Bailouts should come with strings attached so taxpayers can profit from recovery

Karen Firestone offers her thoughts on the bailout being offered to the travel and leisure industry. In comparing the bailout to the Great Recession in 2008/2009, she thinks this one Read More

CNBC: Investor who made it through ’87 crash gives optimistic case for the stock market right now

Karen Firestone offers her market thoughts in light of its historic drop from the peak. Read the full article on

Future Returns: Shining a Brighter Spotlight on Gender Diversity

Kari was quoted in an article for Penta about gender diversity on corporate boards, originally published on 2/18/20. In January, Goldman Sachs made headlines when it became the first Wall Read More

CNBC: When investors lose trust, they can put stocks in the ‘penalty box’

When investors lose faith in management teams after debacles or scandals, they may put stocks of these companies in the “penalty box.” Boeing, Wells Fargo, Facebook and Equifax are cases Read More

CNBC: A theory on who’s doing all the buying that’s pushing stocks higher and higher

With stocks at record highs, the obvious question is who is doing all this buying? Read Kari’s full article on

CNBC: Value is beating growth only because of the way Apple is classified

Kari Firestone recently wrote a piece for CNBC on the divergence between growth and value due to how certain stocks are classified. Read the full piece on

NYT: Want a Bigger Say on Corporate Behavior? Move Your Money

Millions of people have a stake in corporate America through mutual funds. But you may be surprised by how those funds are voting on your behalf. Read the full article Read More

Barron’s: Master Stockpicker Peter Lynch: If You Only Invest in an Index, You’ll Never Beat It

Barron’s recently published an excellent article on Peter Lynch’s investment style and how he has influenced the many stock pickers that came after him. Kari Firestone began her career under Read More

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