The Economist: Investment banks’ cull of company analysts brings dangers

This article from The Economist lays out the reasons for and potential fall-out from MiFID2. If the new regulation ultimately results in fewer sell-side analysts covering stocks, it should increase Read More

NYT: Business Schools Now Teaching #MeToo, N.F.L. Protests and Trump

This article is important but misses something.  Not only do CEO’s today need to provide leadership regarding appropriate behavior norms at their companies but they also need to lead by Read More

The Economist: As bitcoin’s price passes $10,000, its rise seems unstoppable

As we field an increasing number of questions from clients related to the investment merits of bitcoin, I am reminded of a quote by the historian Charles Kindleberger, who wrote, Read More

NYTimes: The Winners and Losers in the Tax Bill

A very good article with a breakdown of the biggest winners/losers of the GOP tax bill. Read the full article in The New York Times

NYT: How 2017 Became a Turning Point for Tech Giants

As the world communicates, transacts, and absorbs everything through devices, control of this interface has consolidated that access into the hands of very few firms. Read the article in The Read More

HBR: Does Your Startup Have a Spending Strategy?

Starting a new business involves a host of challenges, and chief among them is knowing what to spend your money on—and how much to spend. You have to consider salaries, Read More

NYT: Young and in Love … With Lipstick and Eyeliner

This article lays out how the makeup industry has proven resilient and capitalized on social media as a driving force for expanded revenues.  Not just overall sales, but makeup store Read More

Barron’s: 3 Stocks That Could Outpace This Market

Kari was recently featured in Barron’s to offer an explanation for Aureus’ outperformance versus the S&P 500. During the interview, she gives us her thoughts on where the market may Read More

NYT: Why Surge Prices Make Us So Mad: What Springsteen, Home Depot and a Nobel Winner Know

Great article about how simply pricing as much as the market will bear is not always the best strategy for the long term. Read the full article in The New Read More

WSJ: How Smartphones Hijack Our Minds

Whether or not you feel your phone is the greatest and most indispensable tool in your life, this article points out the extent of our phone’s impact our brain. Read the Read More

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