CNBC: Keep an open mind when companies try new things that seem out there

Equinox is branching out of its expertise, opening its first branded hotel and investing in a real estate project that will include co-workspace and apartments, all in Manhattan’s newest and Read More

The Economist: The rich world is enjoying an unprecedented jobs boom

In this article, The Economist highlights the underappreciated strength and dynamism of today’s global jobs market. Read the full article in The Economist

CNBC: Market sell-off an opportunity to buy dip

Kari Firestone and Jill Carey Hall of Bank of America Merrill Lynch discuss the markets on CNBC’s “Closing Bell.” Watch the full clip on

CNBC: The casino industry exemplifies decades of radical transformations in corporate America

As the Massachusetts gaming commission began hearings last week to decide if the Wynn Co will retain its license to operate the first major urban casino on the East Coast, Read More

When Will We See More Gender Equality in Investing?

In many spheres, such as politics, media and entertainment, women have made considerable progress in reaching executive leadership positions, achieving higher pay, and building new enterprises. But this ascent hasn’t Read More

CNBC: Why drug prices are so difficult to bring down

This article was originally posted by Kari Firestone’s newest article discusses why the incentives for companies and research organizations may not be aligned with customers’ desire for lower drug Read More


Written by Kari Firestone On the anniversary of the Crash low on March 6, 2009, at 666 for the S&P 500, I want to commemorate that day both for the Read More

The Economist: Conglomerates will never die out, but their form is evolving

In this article, The Economist highlights the evolving form of the conglomerate as traditional industrial conglomerates break up, tech firms are bulking up. Click here to read the full article Read More

CNBC: Controversy, dissent and baggage are good for your stock portfolio

This article was written for Having more than one decision-maker can only work if the participants can handle the fights and come away scuffed-up but, basically, uninjured. Who has Read More

Barron’s: Why Don’t Women’s Organizations Want Women Managing Their Endowments?

This article was written by Karen Firestone and appears in the most recent issue of Barron’s. A few years ago, I was invited to appear on CNBC as a commentator Read More

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