Op-ed: Companies that adapted to Covid-19 could be the winners after the vaccine as well

I knew the day was coming, even if an effective vaccine would be announced shortly (which it was), my most “normal” activity, playing tennis, was, again, going to succumb to Read More

CNBC: Utilities aren’t the most exciting, but one stock is surging thanks to growth and ESG momentum

Kari was mentioned in this recent CNBC Pro article The utilities sector isn’t exactly known for exciting investors. These companies aren’t going to see their shares shoot up in a heartbeat, like Read More

CNBC: Breaking down the right time to buy the heavily discounted reopening stocks

Premiums and discounts are fascinating for investors. Nine months ago, you couldn’t give away a huge house in most suburban neighborhoods outside major U.S. cities. Now, those same houses sell Read More

Op-ed: Tech correction was a worthwhile test for the market, which now looks more reasonably valued

On the morning of Sept. 3, the market began to fall, led on the descent by the same technology stocks that had captained the gravity-defying charge upward since late March. Read More

Op-ed: Investors should watch how companies are retooling their sales efforts to meet coronavirus challenges

What seemed like a few decades ago, I mean in February, people used to occasionally ask “How’s business?” Despite usually responding, “Fine, thanks,” I would often think of the inquiry Read More

SALT Talks: Independent RIAs from Aureus Asset Management, BRF & Boston Private

Recently, Kari spoke at SALT Talks, an ongoing series of digital interviews with the world’s foremost investors, creators and thinkers. Watch the full video on YouTube here

CNBC Op-ed: Here’s what CEOs are thinking and worrying about as they reopen their offices

A top fear of CEOs is a resurgence of the Covid-19 virus, according to survey results. Businesses with over one thousand employees are more likely to downsize their office space Read More

CNBC Op-ed: People can change their minds, which is one big reason behind the market’s recovery

Snapping the economy out of shutdown mode could be harder than expected. Read the full article on

CNBC Op-ed: The market comeback seems callous, but investors are betting on a bright post-crisis future

In a time of Covid-shaming, it’s difficult to publicly embrace a rising market that ignores increasing deaths, unfathomable unemployment, massive business failures, a possible 40% to 50% drop in economic Read More

CNBC: Investors will reward companies that take care of others in the coronavirus pandemic

Kari thinks that acts of charity, compassion, and creative generosity may resonate with investors increasingly drawn to socially responsible investing when the pandemic comes to an end. Read the full Read More

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