CNBC: Digital darling stocks are not necessarily riskier than blue chip names despite their reputation

One of the favorite pastimes of market watchers is predicting the next seismic shift in investor preference. The latest trendy forecast goes something like this: We’ve had a major pivot Read More

WSJ: Companies Lure New Workers With College Coaching, Student Debt Repayment

This WSJ article discusses how a tight labor market is forcing employers to offer new forms of benefits to lure prospective workers and retain current ones. While the seeming lack Read More

Closing Bell – Karen Firestone

Kari recently called into Closing Bell on CNBC to discuss where she thinks the market can go from here. Watch the full video on

Aureus Summer Outing

Here are a couple of photos from our most recent summer outing. From all of us here at Aureus – enjoy the summer weather while it lasts!

HBR: How One CEO Prepared Her Organization for Her Retirement

“Last year I decided it was time to shake things up at our investment management company.  After 12 years as president and then CEO, I thought it was time to Read More

WSJ: The New Business Banker: A Private-Equity Firm

One of the reasons that “official” interest rates are staying low is that the shadow lending economy has so much available cash to finance deals that traditional banks won’t.  PE Read More

WSJ: Business-Loan Drought Ends for Banks

This WSJ article highlights the acceleration in U.S. bank lending, which had curiously slowed the last couple of years despite solid economic fundamentals. Reasons for the deceleration included political uncertainty Read More

NYT: A Drug Costs $272,000 a Year. Not So Fast, Says New York State.

It’s time for courts to weigh in on the issue of drug pricing.  As an investor, we want drug companies to earn a strong return on their investment – but Read More

Economist: Most stockmarket returns come from a tiny fraction of shares

This Economist article discusses the outsized contribution of a handful of stocks to the overall market’s return. Read the full article in The Economist

CNBC: Companies have no choice now but to raise wages

Finally, after years of unrequited anticipation, we are seeing some reasonable wage growth. Here is Kari’s newest piece – click here to read the full piece on

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