Barron’s: 3 Stocks That Could Outpace This Market

Kari was recently featured in Barron’s to offer an explanation for Aureus’ outperformance versus the S&P 500. During the interview, she gives us her thoughts on where the market may Read More

NYT: Why Surge Prices Make Us So Mad: What Springsteen, Home Depot and a Nobel Winner Know

Great article about how simply pricing as much as the market will bear is not always the best strategy for the long term. Read the full article in The New Read More

WSJ: How Smartphones Hijack Our Minds

Whether or not you feel your phone is the greatest and most indispensable tool in your life, this article points out the extent of our phone’s impact our brain. Read the Read More

HBR: Political Diversity as the Next Frontier

Kari’s newest piece focuses on political diversity in the workplace. In a country more polarized than perhaps at any other time in history, it’s still important to avoid political homogeneity Read More

WSJ: Share of Rent-Burdened Households Declines in Possible Reversal of Trend

This is something we’ve talked about often – the high percent of income Americans spend on housing and the percent dropped slightly in the last reading.  They measure the percent Read More

NYT: London’s Uber Ban Raises Questions on Race and Immigration

While it’s easy to see both the points of view of the Black cabbies and the often-immigrant Uber drivers in London, the key is designing a solution so both sides Read More

CNBC: What North Korea’s missiles really mean for the market

Geopolitical tensions are giving investors pause around the war. Read my thoughts on the situation on Read the full article on

NYT: New Gene-Therapy Treatments Will Carry Whopping Price Tags

Equating the price of a drug to the value of a life is not, as pointed out, the way fire departments or hospitals respond to life threatening situations, so why Read More

WSJ: Steady Hiring Without Wage Gains Deepens Puzzle for Fed

We keep adding jobs and the unemployment rate is extremely low.  So why don’t overall wages rise more that 2-2.5% year over a year?  Holding constant the retirement of high Read More

CNBC: A survival guide for investors in the age of Trump

Kari wrote an op-ed for CNBC today. In it she describes a useful set of principles that anyone can utilize in this new age of market unpredictability and bizarre presidential Tweets. Read More

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