Sorry, Kids. We Ate It All – NYT

 – In his piece “Sorry Kids. We Ate it All.”, Thomas Friedman discusses what has become an almost predictable outcome to the turmoil in Washington. At the last minute poiticians will strike a deal, and Friedman says that large interest groups like seniors, Wall Street, unions etc. will “have their say and their interests protected.” This, Friedman believes, will simply lead the country in circles until we’re back at it again. However, Mr. Friedman goes on to say that there is one “cohort that is the least organized but will be the most affected if we don’t think long term – today’s young people.”

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Sorry, Kids. We Ate It All



"Confidence Gap" Widens to Record Levels

-The Bespoke Investment Group has released a study (linked below) regarding what was become a record gap in consumer confidence. The disparity in economic confidence between wealthier Americans and those at lower income levels has reached an all-time high, and spending habits have followed suit. High end retailers are posting larger profits, while low income retailers are experiencing diminished sales.

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 “Confidence Gap” Widens to Record Levels

Bespoke Investment Group