CNBC: When investors lose trust, they can put stocks in the ‘penalty box’

When investors lose faith in management teams after debacles or scandals, they may put stocks of these companies in the “penalty box.” Boeing, Wells Fargo, Facebook and Equifax are cases in point.

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2020 Global Asset Allocation

The Aureus annual asset allocation review evaluates the risks and opportunities available in global financial markets and their potential impact on the investment portfolios of our clients. Our Asset Allocation Policy describes our positioning for the coming year and may be adjusted as market conditions evolve.

Beyond this annual perspective on global allocation, Aureus also develops a customized investment policy for each client based on their specific goals and objectives.

Barron's: Master Stockpicker Peter Lynch: If You Only Invest in an Index, You’ll Never Beat It

Barron’s recently published an excellent article on Peter Lynch’s investment style and how he has influenced the many stock pickers that came after him. Kari Firestone began her career under Peter and her takeaways from her time there still influence Aureus’ investment philosophy today.

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Aureus Ranked #25 On Forbes Top 100 Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) Of 2019 By Assets

Aureus was recently informed that we were ranked #25 on Forbes’ most recent list of top RIAs by AUM. The RIA Channel is an independent RIA database firm that sourced data from the SEC using quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

We are honored to make the list and believe this is a testament to the excellent people on the Aureus team that work hard to provide our clients with exceptional service, customized solutions to complex problems, and first-rate investment results.

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CNBC: Post-Thanksgiving investment decisions present a choice between this year’s winners and losers

This year’s winners may not be leading the market next year. Of the 50 top S&P 500 performers in 2018, only three were on the same list for 2017, and only four have remained on the 2019 top winners’ list.

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HBR: How Investors Have Reacted to the Business Roundtable Statement

Kari Firestone wrote the following article for Harvard Business Review published 11/20/19

When the U.S. Business Roundtable announced that it was redefining the purpose of a corporation to accommodate a broader group of stakeholders – extending beyond shareholders to include employees, customers, suppliers and communities – the stock market didn’t seem to react. I saw no thick reports from market strategists detailing how these new principles would affect company earnings or stock prices, whereas reports on trade, interest rates, and consumer spending continuously streamed across my screen.

It made me wonder: What are shareholders thinking about this new direction? What about the professional investors who manage their assets?

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CNBC: The dilemmas for investors that come with socially-responsible investing

Come on, Amazon, do we really need another headache?

I’m not talking about you missing third quarter earnings last week. I’m talking about the article in the Wall Street capitalist-defending-Journal (not the New Yorker).

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